Hi, I'm Ali.

I like to build stuff.

I'm a recent graduate of the Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp in Miami, FL, focusing on freelance web services and full stack web development opportunities. I have a particular passion for database development and management.

A Little More About Me

Life takes you to all kinds of places.

In a former life, I wanted to become an academic, working in the field of religious studies.

Then, I decided to follow my other great passion, and invested in a career in technology. Now, I'm a full stack web developer who loves to build awesome stuff that makes people's lives better!

What Can I Build for You?

Here's some of the stuff I love to build.

Web Presences

Personal, professional, and organizational websites and applications.

Website Updates

Need to spruce up an aging web presence, or add new sections and content? I can help.

Full Applications

Signing up new users, serving content, and creating interactive experiences?

I can also help with that.

Let's Get In Touch!

Here're some ways to reach me, and to find out a little more about my work.